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The Impact Leaders Have on Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement is essential in many workplaces. It creates a positive company culture, reduces turnover, increases productivity, and builds better internal relationships. Companies have invested time and resources into developing ways to increase workplace engagement due to the recorded benefits. Through a recent survey produced by Gallup, results have shown that leadership is what can make or break an improved employee engagement effort.  Over the last few years, the workplace environment has evolved to adapt to changing employee and company needs. However, this evolution has resulted in a significant decline in employee engagement, particularly among management. The Gallup survey shows

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Reduce Employee Stress with Financial Health Help

Managing finances is a common struggle for many people and is a significant cause of stress that impacts their overall well-being. The pressure from financial woes can bleed from people’s personal lives into their professional lives, creating lower productivity and efficiency. Over the last few years, companies have begun to add financial wellness benefits to help employees struggling with their finances. By providing education and support, employers can help employees feel more secure and are more likely to retain and attract top talent.  Why is Employee Financial Health Important?   Financial stress can be critical to a person’s success in their

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Hit the Mark for Open Enrollment 

Open enrollment allows employers to better communicate their health, vision, dental, and life insurance options with their employees. Too often, using various insurance and coverage terms confuses and makes employees unsure about their choices.  Inflation and rising healthcare costs can make it even more difficult for many people to afford health insurance. It’s more important than ever for HR departments within companies to learn how to make these benefits easier to understand to allow people to make the best decisions for their families.   Why is Communication During Open Enrollment Important?  Employers are responsible for providing employees with easy-to-understand information about

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How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work 

Studies show that job stress is the main reason for anxiety in many Americans, and it continues to affect more people as the years go on. Setting clear work boundaries, and sticking to them, allows people to achieve an excellent work-life balance. Boundaries help protect employees’ time, energy, purpose, and contentment. A lack of work boundaries can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. To understand how to set healthy limits at work, it is crucial to learn your boundaries and establish them. This will help you to achieve a work-life balance while decreasing stress and anxiety.   Understand your worth

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HR Management

How to Boost Employee Morale

With stress, anxiety, and uncertainty at an all-time high in our country, businesses must incorporate strategies to increase employee morale within the work environment. In doing so, organizations can maintain a happy workforce and a positive company culture. Studies have shown that organizations with positive company cultures are more productive and profitable than those without. What is employee morale? Employee morale is employees’ overall attitude, satisfaction, and confidence while at work. It reflects how healthy the company culture is, how team members are supported, and how engaged employees are. Although employers cannot give employees positive morale, they can contribute to

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