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Free your HR and administrative teams to focus on the mission-critical priorities of running your business.

What we can offer

We recognize that creating a finance and accounting plan is a process. It’s a process that involves forming relationships, discovering your goals and developing a plan to meet those goals.

Kona HR works with businesses to create unique strategies to help keep you focused on reaching your companies financial milestones.

Finance services to fit your needs

We help set-up your finance and accounting software.

Selection of Accounting Software

Assist in the evaluation and
selection of accounting software.

Software Configuration

Configure software based on business needs. Includes documenting activities, closing and interfacing with tax accountant on tax returns.

Finance services to fit your needs

Once you are setup, we will assist with any ongoing operations.

Banking Relationship

Manage banking relationship. Provide support for bank transactions as needed. Support and provide information for financing needs.


Configure all reports required in the system. Implement features that will determine client profitability. Set up scheduled reports and management updates as needed.


Manage the invoicing process. Configure process for specific client accounts payable processes. Present invoices per client requirements.

Payment & Cash Application

Establish cash application process, to include paper checks, wires and ACH deposits.

Cash Management

Assist in the cash management process. Keep software and reporting up to date for real time updates. 

Establish Accounts Payable Process

Assist in selecting appropriate system. Set up payment and approval cycle.

Expense Management

Establish expense management process. Determine mechanism and process for collecting and billing client expenses. Set up non-billable reporting and payment process.

Tax Accountant

Assist in selecting tax accountant. Interface as required, provide all materials required to prepare tax returns. Work with accountant on revenue allocation.

Member (Owner) Specific Support

Assist in certain items relating to owning a growing business. Compensation strategies, Tax Strategies, Quarterly Tax Payments, etc.

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