Welcome to KONA HR, your HR solutions team KONA HR combines decades of HR experience with Leading edge technology to provide you with comprehensive solutions The range of services KONA HR provides includes outsourced human resources, compensation and benefits, human resources management and business insurance Fully customized KONA HR solutions scale to the needs of the business, from startup to enterprise level companies

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HR Management

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We deliver customized services

We can provide support in the following areas independently or in any combination based on your company’s needs:

  •  Insurance Brokerage
  •  HR Support
  •  Payroll

Meet our benefits technology partner, Maxwell Health!

Maxwell Health

Year-Round Engagement

Enrolling in benefits is one day of the year, and that’s being generous: for most people, it’s a few minutes. Maxwell Health helps keep your employees engaged every day of the year, which can boost productivity and cut down on insurance rates.

Best Admin & HR

Maxwell is a modular benefits administration and HR platform for small to mid-sized employers that focuses on making benefits accessible.  The Maxwell Health/Kona partnership provides convenient access to a cutting edge benefits platform, complemented by industry expertise.


Why shouldn’t choosing your benefits feel like using your Netflix account? Maxwell curates the right benefits at the right time, taking a lifestyle-based approach through a beautiful, engaging consumer experience. Our benefit bundles allow you to offer new products in an easy, cohesive way.