HR Consulting in New York City

Kona HR is your comprehensive services partner for HR, Payroll, Property & Casualty, employee benefits, and International Operations. We service companies of all sizes, from the SMB and start-up market to enterprise-level businesses, with particular expertise in professional services organizations. 

Our broad range of services focuses on creating a full Human Resources functionality in your business regardless of scale. We are your strategic partner and an ongoing, customized support system for your company’s unique needs.

At Kona HR Consulting we specialize in


Our Compensation services help direct your employee payment strategies according to market prices, creating a comprehensive, transparent strategy for your company.


Our Benefits services help your company organize health care and group life policies, administrate 401(k) and other IRAs, and choose voluntary plans.


Our Payroll services provide your company with automated, customized payroll processing, expense management, and reporting.

HR Management

Our HR Management services give your company an internal standard that also adheres to industry-standard HR compliance and COBRA administration programs.

Business Insurance

Our Business Insurance services locate the most relevant insurance plans for your business, protecting the company from large out-of-pocket expenses.


Our Outsourcing services give your company a turnkey HR management program with customized solutions that you can count on.