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Outsource your HR Team and free administrative teams to focus on the mission-critical priorities of running your business.

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With the growing focus on employee well-being and company culture, businesses both small and large can find advantages in outsourcing HR. Enlisting the services of a human resources outsourcing (HRO) provider like Kona HR enables companies to do more for their employees, taking the stress off you or your existing HR department. With a convenient, single point of contact, an HRO can provide individual or blended services to ideally meet your HR needs.

While an HRO often combines the duties of human resources services, payroll services, and brokering services, the advantages are generally found in a unique and tailored treatment for your business, since no two companies have the same, specific needs.


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Advantages of Human Resource Outsourcing

Save Time

Relieve your staff from time-consuming open enrollment responsibilities as well as the ongoing challenge of keeping up with employee notices and inquiries, monitoring employee enrollments and benefit changes, and verifying accurate carrier enrollments and reconciling invoices.

Save Money

Benefits activities ebb and flow - a few hours each week with changes and pay cycles, and annual enrollment activities. With Kona HR, you pay strictly for the benefits expertise and time required to administer benefits. No more ROI worries of staffing a position, contending with turnover, or coverage during vacations.

Great Employee Experience

Kona HR prioritizes great customer service and provides an elevated level of information, accessibility, and confidentiality for your employees through leveraged technology and a dedicated service team. Our personalized attention will boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

Maximize Value

Kona HR's expertise in Total Rewards and group benefit programs ensures that you get the best possible value in your benefits programs and maximum level of service from your benefits broker, while keeping administration costs predictable and scaled to the size of your organization.

Professional Knowledge

The number one reason employers outsource benefits administration is expertise. Keeping up with new regulations and ensuring full compliance is a monumental undertaking, particularly for an HR or benefits department that is already consumed by other work. Kona HR's experienced administrators can help relieve worrisome compliance burdens.

Objective Assessment

Having an objective professional opinion provided by experts is invaluable. Kona HR sees the bigger picture and provides the feedback necessary to ensure benefit plan designs that are tailored to your specific needs. Talking through your vision and exploring different solutions can lead to a more satisfying experience and cost-effective outcome for everyone involved.

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