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How to Boost Employee Morale

With stress, anxiety, and uncertainty at an all-time high in our country, businesses must incorporate strategies to increase employee morale within the work environment. 

In doing so, organizations can maintain a happy workforce and a positive company culture. Studies have shown that organizations with positive company cultures are more productive and profitable than those without.

What is employee morale?

Employee morale is employees’ overall attitude, satisfaction, and confidence while at work. It reflects how healthy the company culture is, how team members are supported, and how engaged employees are. Although employers cannot give employees positive morale, they can contribute to the company’s morale. When people feel they are cared for and their opinions are valued and supported by the organization. It promotes motivation that allows employees to perform their best.

The benefits of positive employee morale on the organization

High employee morale leads to several gains within the company, such as increased employee retention, improved work performance and productivity, communication and collaboration, and employee motivation and engagement. Positive morale has been shown to avoid employee turnover and increase company loyalty. 

Team members feel valued and inspired, allowing them to perform their best while producing more work. High morale will enable employees to feel supported by their peers, often resulting in good communication and collaboration on new projects. Lastly, people felt engaged in their work and motivated to progress towards their goals.

Strategies to improve employee morale

Promote work-life balance

A good work-life balance can help both employees, and the company thrives as it reduces burnout, resulting in increased productivity. Encourage your team members to take time off to “unplug” from work. Offering flexible work schedules or additional PTO days can promote a good work-life balance. Even taking small breaks when possible during the work day can help people from feeling overworked.

Organize team-building activities

Positive employee morale directly correlates with how employees feel about one another. Therefore, it is essential to provide various activities to bring team members closer together. Ideas include company lunches, corporate games, or field day.

Encourage communication and employee feedback

Employees should be comfortable asking questions, speaking up, and collaborating with team members. They should clearly understand what is expected of them and what is expected from management. Your company should foster an environment that supports employee feedback as employees feel that the organization values their opinions. Employee feedback can be obtained through surveys, meetings, or one-on-one.

Create an employee recognition program

When members of your team feel appreciated for the work they’ve accomplished, their self-worth increases, causing them to become more productive within the workplace, ideas include celebrating milestones such as work anniversaries, sending emails to thank them publicly, or organizing celebrations or luncheons.

Offer performance-based incentives

Providing employees incentives can help retain valuable members of the team. Monetary incentives such as bonuses or raises can encourage employees to remain efficient and productive. You can also create career opportunities by promoting employees internally before seeking external candidates.

Provide health and wellness programs

The health of your employees is vital for the success of the organization. As previously stated, anxiety and stress are high for many people. Offering an employee assistance program can help members of your team work through any problems or stresses they may be going through. Additional ideas include organizing fitness or health education classes or having a competition on who has the highest amount of steps.

Encourage employee development

By giving your team a sense of purpose helps them to be engaged in meaningful work and helps them look forward to working towards a common goal. Providing relevant courses or sending them to conferences can improve their professional growth and development. 

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