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HR Management

A Guide to Building Positive Company Culture

Company culture is a crucial component of a business’s success as it affects all aspects of the company, from improving employee satisfaction to retaining elite performers. Company culture is the backbone of a content team. Continue reading to learn about company culture and the steps you can take to build a healthy work environment. What is company culture? Company culture is defined as the environment in which people work. It includes the company’s mission, values, goals, ethics, expectations, and overall work environment. Building a positive company culture does not require a large budget, no matter the company’s type, size, or

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employee retention
HR Management

The Secret to Improving Employee Retention

Employee retention is crucial for the long run of any successful organization. Losing an employee is estimated to cost the company approximately 6 to 9 months’ worth of that employee’s salary.  Although daunting, the idea of retention is simple: identify the areas that negatively affect your company’s turnover rate. It is essential to improve these aspects to keep a vital part of your organization: your team members. There are several employee retention strategies that you can use to benefit not only the members of your team but also the company, as these strategies can help save time and money. Develop

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four-day work week
HR Management

Are Four-Day Workweeks Worth It?

Many companies have shifted to full-time remote work or hybrid schedules. The Great Resignation has affected businesses everywhere. What has also come to fruition? Four-day workweeks. A four-day workweek sounds excellent. A day off during the week to run errands, go to appointments, or have a personal day for yourself? It could offer improved quality of work and less stress for both employers and employees. Four-day workweeks are created to reduce burnout, provide a perfect work-life balance, reduce operating costs, and improve productivity resulting in efficiently-ran companies as a whole. But does it meet all those expectations? Cons of four-day

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Image showing money for medical mileage rate

Medical Mileage Rate Set to Increase

It’s no secret that gas prices in America today are pretty shocking. Recently, AAA reported that the national average cost of gas is up to $5 a gallon. Correspondingly, that’s a whopping 75 dollars to fill up the average sedan. While we’re all feeling the effects of this price increase, those who need a car to access necessary medical care are the most affected. What Does Medical Mileage Rate Mean? The medical mileage rate is the amount that is deductible under the Internal Revenue Code 213 for gas used to transport oneself to and from essential medical care. Those who

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HR Management

Employee or Contractor? Which One Are You?

There has been much controversy lately regarding the “Employee or Contractor” question. You see it everywhere in the post-Great Recession economy; people either work as contractors to earn extra money or find themselves in this world due to the job market. However, there are benefits and risks to both sides of this equation. Most importantly, the IRS has an opinion on the conclusion! Employee vs. Contractor Employer Perspective Benefit The contractor workforce is significant for employers. They don’t need to pay for Workers’ Compensation, FICA, Medicare, Unemployment Taxes, and benefits in general. Employers can save over 10% before benefits are

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